cloud galaxy projector

Good quality car roof lights ensure a splendid interior ambiance inside your vehicle as well as light the car interior over a large area. It also has the option of choosing to cycle through the light effects and the lights are dimmable. In a strawberry gold setting, they feature 2 carats of natural color diamonds …

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star light room projector

It’s perfect for creating a romantic and ambient atmosphere and works as a backdrop for photography projects, videos and even the casual selfie. If you’ve already become accustomed to a galaxy projector or are yet to take the plunge into quirky lighting, a rainbow lamp could be the switch-up you’ve needed to brighten up your …

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galaxy night sky lamp

The automatic turnoff feature and built-in speaker make this the right pick for parents who want a way to help soothe a kid who’s having trouble sleeping. With most projectors only some of the feet screw in and out, which might make getting the image adjusted correctly a bit of a challenge. The vast majority …

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